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The “fear of not being enough” and the “fear of being too much” is the same fear. The fear of being you!

Come close, let me tell you a little secret. I am sure you are wondering why the picture on the blog is of me happy and sorts. Well, maybe you aren’t asking that because we live in a world where people post pictures of themselves and insert unrelated captions like bible verses underneath. Okay, I am guilty too so no stone throwing is happening here. Back to my secret, this picture was taken by one Ken Nzau, very talented young man, back when his friends were his practice subjects. It is all sorts of beautiful.

My secret is that hand blocking my smile is intentional. No, I wasn’t happening to reach out to touch my nose by accident as I laughed. I just, for many years of my…

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Solutions to Dental Fluorosis:

Yes Dental fluorosis can be managed

Dental Tips & Tricks

By Dr. Sakina Dhirani (DDS, PgCert. Edin.)

Appearances make an initial and lasting impression in today’s society. No wonder they’re given considerable importance in most professions ranging from waiters to executives. Tactlessly we live in a world that defines people by their looks before they’re given a chance to reveal their talent. Henceforth, in such a society, a person with opaque white, brown or black stains on his/her teeth (as exhibited by dental fluorosis) may feel self-conscious and suffer from low-self esteem.

This occurrence is due to chronic ingestion of excessive fluoride in early childhood during the ages of tooth development. It is easily prevented by ensuring your daily dose of fluoride does not exceed 0.05-0.07mgF/kg/Day from various sources including fluoridated drinking water, table salt, milk, infant formula, sea foods, fluoride tablets, toothpastes, mouth-rinses, fluoride varnishes and gels as discussed in my previous blog.

Once Dental Fluorosis has ensued, treatment…

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Fluoride: Virtue or Vice?

Great expose on the fluoride debate for laymen and women.

Dental Tips & Tricks

By Dr. Sakina Dhirani Kermali (DDS, pgCert. Edin.)

Fluoride is a mineral innately found in rocks and natural water sources that was first discovered in the 1900’s. Its vice surfaced when entire communities in the Grand Rapids in Michigan, USA were seen with opaque white, brown to black stained teeth due to unknowingly consuming highly fluoridated water. When the drinking water for these communities was changed, the occurrence of dental fluorosis and unaesthetic stains stopped in the next generation of kids. Unfortunately, even though this phenomenon was proven in the early 1900s’, at present many communities around the world still consume highly fluoridated water resulting in this misfortune. Such examples include regions around the East African Rift Valley including parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia and Tanzania.

Inadvertently, when this vice of fluoride was discovered it was also noticed that people with dental fluorosis had reduced dental cavities. Further research proved…

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Effects of Betel nut:

Wonder what the prevalence of Betel Nut chewing is among East Africans. I have noted a strong association between Oral cancer and this habit among East Africans of Indo-Pakistani origin.

Dental Tips & Tricks

Dr. Sakina Dhirani (DDS, PgCert Edin)

Many of our day-to-day practices are deeply rooted within us from culture and traditions enacted generations ago. Such practices include an evening of relaxation with a pot of busaa (traditional alcoholic drink) among the elders of the of the Luhya community in Kenya, or a comforting serving of “Mukimo” (a meal containing mashed potatoes, beans and greens) among the Kikuyu. Likewise, it is customary to enjoy betel quid (Paan) and betel nuts when gathering with friends and family among the Indo-Asian and Chinese communities worldwide.

The betel quid or commonly known “Paan” is a wrapping of a leaf of piper betel leaf containing thin slices of the Betel nut, mixed with slaked lime and spices such as coconut, cardamom and saffron in its basic form. More seriously, it can contain various products of tobacco mixed to an individual’s requirement to make a prescription of…

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Wisdom Teeth

Patient information series!!! I congratulate those who seek to inform,educate and communicate with the general public.Thanks Dr Sakina

Dental Tips & Tricks

By Dr. Sakina Dhirani Kermali (DDS, PgCert.Edin)

“It requires wisdom to understand wisdom: the music is nothing if the audience is deaf.” By Walter Lippmann. Even though scientific research has developed leaps and bounds in the past century, it seems that we are either not wise enough to understand the wisdom of the wisdom teeth or have reached a dead end in its study. Lets find out which one it is:

The wisdom teeth are the third and the furthest molar teeth on the right and left sides of both upper and lower jaws to form a set of four. The eruption of wisdom teeth has mythically been associated with maturity and astute. They typically erupt in the late teens or early twenties, hence coincident to increasing acumen.

Our ancestors during the Stone Age made good use of wisdom teeth to chew plant tissue and raw animal meat. Besides, they…

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White or Silver filling, which will it be?

Dental fillings will be the treatment of choice in dental cavities for quite a while, until disruptive technologies replace them.Choices have to be properly made.Patients too have to choose between materials,dentists and clinics.That is why they need to be better informed in this information age.Thanks Dr Sakina for standing in the information gap.

Dental Tips & Tricks

One of the toughest decisions to make at the dental office is when you’re given a choice between a silver and white filling. The daunting ambience, little facts and a few minutes given to make the decision does not help! As the clock ticks, most people decide to go with the dentist’s decision since s/he knows best. In this article, I’d like to break it down to you, so next time you visit a dentist you’re equipped with enough knowledge to ask the right questions and choose what’s best for you.

As dentists and patients, some of the things we consider while providing and receiving dental restorations respectively are: aesthetics, durability, cost and safety. While both silver (Amalgam) and White (Resin Based Composite) materials have evolved over time in their own modes, each has its unique advantages and disadvantages.

Once upon a time gold crowned teeth and glistening smiles were…

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What is an Authentic Kenyan  outfit to campaign in and for during these elections.

It is that time of year when the political class is on the campaign trail in colorful ensembles. Each shirt or blouse is better than the other and has elements of the Kenyan flag on the collar or sleeve or shoulder or front and back of it. Dresses and skirts are made of similar National flag inspired materials. Each of us is subtly being influenced to be patriotic, to remember that what unites us is bigger than what divides us despite the vitriol that emerges fast and furious from many a candidate these days.

The concept of a National fabric is not new. Margaret Adongo Gould has been a strong advocate of a National dress and a National fabric to underline our cultural heritage. She is willing to nurture young fashion designers towards this end.Will you join her in this effort to buy Kenyan and build Kenya which is bigger than each of the 47 counties that define our land mass?

Wherever you fit in the fashion design space, if you are moved by the concept of a National dress contact Margaret on Email: nyodesh@yahoo.com; Tel:0713658144.We can make Kenya a great fashion conscious nation with our own national dress and fabric.

Because every professional must practice profitably