What is an Authentic Kenyan  outfit to campaign in and for during these elections.

It is that time of year when the political class is on the campaign trail in colorful ensembles. Each shirt or blouse is better than the other and has elements of the Kenyan flag on the collar or sleeve or shoulder or front and back of it. Dresses and skirts are made of similar National flag inspired materials. Each of us is subtly being influenced to be patriotic, to remember that what unites us is bigger than what divides us despite the vitriol that emerges fast and furious from many a candidate these days.

The concept of a National fabric is not new. Margaret Adongo Gould has been a strong advocate of a National dress and a National fabric to underline our cultural heritage. She is willing to nurture young fashion designers towards this end.Will you join her in this effort to buy Kenyan and build Kenya which is bigger than each of the 47 counties that define our land mass?

Wherever you fit in the fashion design space, if you are moved by the concept of a National dress contact Margaret on Email: nyodesh@yahoo.com; Tel:0713658144.We can make Kenya a great fashion conscious nation with our own national dress and fabric.


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