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Melvin will be a resource person in a mentorship workshop organized by Funzo Kenya  and the Kenya Healthcare Federation  for Faculty  in selected training institutions involved in  training of effective health care professionals to be held during the last week of May 2014

Melvin will be providing logistical support for an Orthodontic course for Dentists to be conducted in 2 modules by Dr Skipp Truitt in Nairobi from July 18 – 23, 2014.Spaces for this course are rapidly being filled

Listening skills


Words rarely express the entire message that is being communicated.However words are a window into the soul of a patient/client.

There are many barriers to listening and these have consequences on the level of communication required to expose a symptom.

Signs and symptoms aid diagnosis. Signs are seen, felt and heard. You will not hear if you don’t listen.

Listening is an important part of history taking and interrogation. It requires some humility to listen. Policemen learn to listen for lies, fear and guilt.

Clinicians and service industry professionals learn to listen for dissatisfaction,disability and irritability.

The customer is king. Listen to her/him and you will remain in a long term mutually beneficial relationship.

Experts must realize that the only real expert is s/he who wears the shoe and knows where it pinches. Stop trying to second guess them and listen.

The first response when you ask someone how they are is “I am fine” . In order to scratch below the surface one has to ask further questions to get to the truth.

When I ask a private health care professional, how their business is ….I get a number of stock answers, to which I have a further set of questions. I often discover a problem below the wellness.

Are you interested in  your business’ wellness? I have good news for you ………..You only need to ask. I will listen!!. Call +254720297433 or email

A note from Melvin

There is a great need for inter-generational collaboration between Doctors and entrepreneurs. All too often multidisciplinary teams are composed of members  of the same generation.

The younger digital generation is able to rapidly leverage on the ICT-business connection enhancing their wealth creative potential.

The Before Computer (BC) generation are often averse to rapid business automation, electronic medical records and practice management software. Yet in this day and age seamless information flow is expected of all players.

Digital imaging, teleradiology and telepathology are an integral part of telemedicine. Diagnoses and treatment plans can be debated in real time over a wide area network across several continents.

Guided  and indeed robotic surgery are now possible. All these developments require secure, workable data networks.

Teamwork is now essential. Financiers, equity partners, Auditors and Accountants, Lawyers, ICT professionals, paramedics and other medical professionals must work in teams. Do they all have to be in the same age group?

There should be generational diversity in any team. Sobriety must temper youthful exuberance. Why is the coach of most English Premier League teams someone who is older than any player?

Does your team have gender and generational balance. Are you planning to treat/serve a homogenous group of patients/clients? Diversity of people and ideas is important. I work with evolving Doctors, entrepreneurs and their teams who strive for business success. I am only a phone  call or email away.
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