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Indian healthcare in Kenya takes a new route

Investors from Kenya have partnered with a Hospital in Bengaluru, India and will put up a hospital in Kenya. The fruit of a visit by our President to India, last year. The investors remain faceless but include prominent Doctors. Why do I get the feeling that these Doctors have a minority interest in the proposed hospital? Because I know the highly conservative investment patterns of Kenyan Doctors.

The role of the Indian partner will probably be clinical, administrative and financial management while the Kenyan partners will provide political goodwill and liaison with local regulatory and other busy-body agencies.

My experience with Indian managed healthcare, transplanted in Kenya, may provide some insight into how this hospital will work. They will encourage their own Doctors to man the hospital ….The Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board will fight this so they will recruit Kenyan MO’s and specialists. They will ¬†encourage adverse selection, poly-pharmacy, overzealous orders for imaging and laboratory investigations, all for a commission.

Regulators, third party payment schemes, insurance companies will be enticed to partner with the hospital. Nobody is sacred – get their buy in and let them do the dirty work of silencing whistle blowers.

Hey we are in election mode, when might is right. When peaceful protests are infiltrated by trained goons out to loot, steal and kill. Wedges are being driven between us. Mistrust between us will grow as we reach the end of 2017.Throw a few subaltern Indians into the mix and nobody will be the wiser.

I am very worried about my healthcare and yours and I am of Indian origin. I could be wrong but we await the visit of PM Narendra Modi and will watch and see who will be smiling all the way to the bank.